I grew up in a small town south of Munich, where I spend my youth exploring the mountains, rivers and woods in the surrounding area.

On a family road trip trough the USA my parents bought me my first Camera at the age of 9, since then on I have been in love with taking pictures and traveling.

After School I did an internship at a film company where I learned about still photography and analog high-speed filming. Since I also love traveling I took a gap year and went around the world, taking a lot of pictures along the way, of course.

Back at home I started assisting various Photographers and studying cartography and geo-media to keep my mind stimulated.

I finished my studies back in 2013 but my main focus has always been on photography so I started shooting people, places and stories I found interesting in order to build up a Portfolio.

Today I work for various clients in editorial, sport and outdoor photography.

Here I am, ready to work with you!

© Daniel Kraus